Measuring for Fruit BRIX

 Ocean Optics : USB4000

The case of measuring for Fruit(apple) BRIX
with using compact spectrometer USB4000 supplied by Ocean Optics

USB4000 is using Silicon photo diode array detector for collect 400nm to 1100nm
These range is much to measure for high moisture samples
Because, In only these ranges H2O don't absorb NIR extremely,
So we could have collection for fresh samples

I had deal this kind of subject while 20_years,,,
So We know some techniques that showing some of them

 >>>>> A stat of measuring  

Spectra measuring for Fruits is also have to done in open configurations
In fact, Commercial Operation at Packing House might be done not shading condition
We have to develop a system for robust to work in any kind of condition

In this examination, we have done all collections with out any lights shading
At after, we reduced jams in spectrum with system functions


Collecting a spectra for Apple with Interactance style at the OPEN configuration

 >>>>> The result of measuring  

The next shows some steps of method to get a estimate value( BRIX )
The first FIG is Transmittance spectra at 600nm-1000nm with out Noise Reduction( choice 4 data )
Sometime, I was ask from young annalist that just using this LRW data who can't get good results
( It is not tasty, to eat LRW fish )


The second FIG is after Noise Reduction spectra( It become base data ! )
The spectrums become better, there for, USB4000 has good specifics


The Third FIG shows ABS 2nd-Derivative spectrums
On this data, We become to find out many peaks which were hided at base data
We pick up some variables from that spectra and make a function to estimate a BRIX


There are a lot of methods to pick up variable and make a function as MLR, PCR, PLS, NNW
But,,, some kind of techniques to control functions are not described in a document( > it is know-Hows!)
( We can buy Racing car, but we can't drive it in a easy ! )

The last FIG shows final result of BRIX Prediction with NIR for unknown samples ( Validation ! )
( Details of Calibration :MR>0.93、SEC>0.32、 On Varidation ( FIG ) : MR>0.91、SEP>0.39)