Identification of the pesticide


The case of identification for pesticide
with using compact spectrometer C9406 supplied by HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS

C9406 is new generation spectrometer which equips InGaAs detector
Usually, it was difficult to collect over 1000nm+ range with using silicon dedectors
C9406 is able to detect these to have a range as 900nm >>> 1700nm
There are a lot of information depend on vibration of molecules
So, We might be have a possibility to sense-UP a objects which can't collect with silicon sensers
( These are already conformed with using PbS type sensors )

 >>>>> A stat of measuring  

These are popular pestiside which we had used for examination, as ORATE, MOSPIRAN, SUMITION, MARATHON


Usually, We set a PASS-CELL to shaded chamber When we collect for spactrum
But,,, In actual operation >>> In real JOBs We can't have such as clean conditions
It could be valuable, The SYSTEM has worked in rough conditions

In this examination, we have done all collections with out any lights shading
At after, we reduced jams in spectrum with system functions


Collecting a spectra for pesticide in tube at the OPEN configuration

 >>>>> The result of measuring  

The next FIG is collected spectrum by these configurations
( With using functional Noise Reduction )
The showing is ABS 2nd-Derivative on wavelenth 900nm to 1700nm


We can conform a characteristic pattern for each which can't find at lower bands less than 1000nm
Especially, We can find a different pattern with in SUMITION(>PINK) and MARATHON(>GREEN) these has similar composition
We will classify these with using discriminate analysis or pattern analysis for topic wave pattern

Before, We needs expense systems for collect high range NIR
( as Branlaube IA-500 and NIR-systems 6500 >>> PbS system )
It is epoch-making that C9406 is able to do these with small costs less than 20000USD almost
And, there is supernal model which equips cooling devices at detector
It will able to have more high fidelity collection
VIVA !!! HPK !!! VIVA !!! SSD !!!