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Profile of Engineer ( It's me )

Over 20 years, I had developed NIR_SENSORs which deal with Fruits internal Quality
Sometimes, you could saw a copy on labels and BOX's
as "QC by Light-Sensor" or "Sugar guarantee by Optic Sensor"

In 1980 ages, fruits was sorted by externalssl colors ( Lab & XYZ )only
In 1990 ages, It was requested as more rational method to explain real taste
So, The NIR-QC-sensor was developed to detect fruits sugar contents

I am one of Engineer to developing these ON-LINE NIR-QC-sensors which operated in commerce

Name : Hiromichi Aoki ( born in 1964 )

UTUNOMIYA University Faculty of Agriculture

Hobby >>>>> Funny cars and PC 

Mission Loges

            1990 >>> FANTEC, as Chief Researcher
              Developed >>> ON-line Transmittance NIR-QC sensor : Fruit-5

            2000 >>> FANTEC, as Director of Research&Development division
              Developed >>> Hand held NIR-QC sensor : NIR-GUN

            2007 >>> HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS co ltd.  System Division
              Subject >>> Application developing for NIR( Now )

            2008 >>> GPI Temporary transfer to Bio-Laboratory
              Subject >>> Establishment DUNAMIST co ltd.